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Kybella is a prescription medicine used by adults to melt and kill unwanted fat in problem areas such as the chin, love handles, inner thighs, and breast area. During your consultation, we evaluate your face and body holistically to create a customized experience unique to your anatomical needs and personal cosmetic goals.

Ideal Candidates

Age 18+ with concerns for excess fat causing the appearance of a double chin, love handles, breast-area fat, or inner thigh fat.

How Does it Work?

A customized injection of Kybella into the fat will kill the fat cells in the desired area.

Treatment Details

Each treatment lasts approximately 10 minutes. Depending on the amount of fat present, we recommend 2-3 sessions for permanent results.

Little Elm Location:

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(214) 295-7271

Prosper Location:

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(469) 481-6474

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