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Intense Pulsed Light

with Smart Pulse

The Venus Versa IPL applicator delivers a form of skin therapy to deal with skin irregularities such as vascular lesions, broken facial veins, rosy cheeks, rosacea, red thread veins of the legs, freckles, age marks, facial lines, wrinkles, and unwanted hair.

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Intense Pulsed Light Treatment in Little Elm, TX

Keeping the smoothness and youthful glow of our skin can grow more complicated as the years go by. Skin irregularities like broken facial veins, rosy cheeks, wrinkles, and out-of-place hair can undoubtedly cause people to look and feel older than they ought to. Thankfully, these worries don’t have to go unaddressed. Thanks to the power of Intense Pulsed Light treatment in Little Elm, TX, patients throughout the greater Dallas area have been able to seemingly reverse time with this practical facial skin care treatment.

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a strictly non-invasive cosmetic skincare procedure that has helped countless people reverse some of the skin blemishes that can appear with time. The IPL technology uses broad-spectrum light to specifically target areas of your facial skin that are experiencing problems (which will be discussed below in the next section).

When combined with the innovative Smart Pulse technology available here at Pari’s Medspa, this treatment has been proven to provide high-caliber results with minimal to no discomfort during or after the process.

Signs That IPL Treatment Could Be Right for You

IPL treatment in Little Elm, TX, can help resolve numerous skin blemishes that may be clinging to your face. Most commonly, this treatment is used to combat:


  • Sun Damage: Primarily caused by overexposure to the sun and frequent sunburns.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Though these are a natural byproduct of age, they can often onset earlier than one expected or desired.

  • Unwanted Hair Growth: As we age, hair can begin to grow outside the usual confines of our eyebrows and cheeks.

  • Vascular Breakages and Lesions: When blood vessels in the face are damaged, they can create persistent facial redness in various forms.

  • Rosacea: A common skin condition that causes redness and small bumps. It is also a common side effect of the vascular breakages mentioned above.

If you think IPL treatment may be proper for you but do not see your exact condition above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team by phone at 214-295-7271.

What IPL Treatment From Pari’s Medspa Can Offer

Other than resolving the issues mentioned above, our IPL treatment in Little Elm, TX, can also offer numerous other benefits in the form of:


  • Customized treatment plans that allow you to get specific and unique treatment for your individual needs.

  • Professional care from fully certified, licensed, and experienced cosmetic treatment specialists like Pari!

  • A safe, comfortable environment for your treatment to take place with ease.

  • Treatment with industry-leading cosmetic technology that is near-guaranteed to bring results that you’ll enjoy

Be sure to check out some testimonials that attest to the quality of our practice.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today!

If the signs of aging have begun to intrude upon your face or facial redness has been a persistent problem in your life, then consider Intense Pulsed Light treatment in Little Elm, TX. Pari and the rest of our team here at Pari’s Medspa are excited to help you show off a newly rejuvenated face to the world.

You can schedule your initial consultation for IPL treatment by phone at 214-295-7271 or online right now.

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